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Juicer Comparison

I have been juicing on a regular basis for over two years and still loving it. The major benefits (for me) have been, better digestion and overall skin appearance. Juicing is good for hydrating the body on a cellular level. This process is different from blending because it removes the insoluble fiber and allows your body to break down food much easier. Allowing nutrients to get into your system more rapidly. Not to say that blending or fiber is less important. Blending fruits and vegetables (think smoothie/soup) play a huge role in our diets. Although juicing is a great addition to our lives as well!

From my juicing experience I have used two varieties of juicers. A centrifugal model which has a blade attachment and shreds the produce and a masticating juicer which squeezes/twists the produce (I have listed differences below). My recommendation after working with the two different models would be a masticating or cold press juicer. But it’s important to consider your own needs (time, budget, how long you plant to juice). If you found my chart helpful share with friends or someone who is considering investing a juicer.



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