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Herbs for Deeper Sleep

I wanted to share some Herbs that you might not be as familiar with for sleep aid. Most can be used in tea or tincture forms. Let this post be an inspiration for you to further your research in finding what herbs will best work for you.

Love, your Herbalist Friend Charlotte Faith.

Valerian root is classified as a Nervine known for its effectiveness at reducing the amount of time it requires for one to fall asleep and prevents sleep disturbances without causing a groggy feeling in the morning. In history this plant was regarded as a feminine element, with its "powers" believed to be love, sleep, purification, and protection.

Chamomile Flower is an herb great for those who are very sensitive. Often a safe option even for children served as a bedtime tea. This flower is very soothing for our digestion and can be a beneficial for those who deal with disrupted sleep caused by indigestion, worry, illness, or even dietary imbalances.

Skullcap Leaves commonly used to promote sleep and relax a busy mind. Also admired for its ability to reduce muscle twitches such as restless legs, which can prevent one from being able to relax for sleep. Used as a nervous system trophorestorive (nourishes and restores balance to the body) because of it high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium, which add to its strengthening and calming actions.

Passionflower is not typically recognized as a potent sedative herb like Valerian root, but it has the ability to alleviate mental stress and enable the body to transition to the "rest and digest mode" (parasympathetic) of our nervous system, leading us to a state of relaxation. This flower can be combined with Valerian root for promoting sleep, and can also be combined with aerial parts of Skullcap plant. Another pairing would be lemon balm to help manage stress and anxiety both during the day and at night.

Lavender a very common sleep aid, but one of my favorites! Widely used to ease stress, calm anxiety, and lift depression. Providing lovely scent it simultaneously relaxes and stimulates, making it very useful for exhaustion. It can even be used for emotional support in many cases. Most commonly used as aromatherapy you can use it before bed in salves, oils, baths, or even make a sleep sachet for under you pillow.

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