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Hair Growth Affirmations

First of all, let me say there is not one “magic product” that will make your hair grow back. It takes a balanced lifestyle including Lots of nutrient dense foods. This choice of treatment will support your health and in return will support your hair. However there are specific herbs (like nettle leaf), foods (like lentils), quality hair products that I include in my hair care routine while re-growing/maintaining my healthy hair. In addition, I want to share something (I don’t mention often), and that is the prayers, meditations, affirmations, etc. in my daily life.

I used a combination of these practices while healing my hair and still use them today. I know this may seem “out there” for some people, then again, for others it will be exactly what they needed to hear. Speaking for myself, these steps toward healing really helped and I hope they can be beneficial to you.

While the practice of prayer/meditation is nothing new to me, I didn’t start using my meditation to improve my health until about 5 years ago. Studies have shown that our mind and body are intricately connected; now it is being proven by science. When we walk through life with a calm and balanced mind, our bodies can operate at their highest capacity and attain amazing levels of healing, growth and health.

Starting with the meditations/visualizations for hair growth:

  • Whenever in the shower or before I go to sleep at night I close my eyes & visualize myself with a full head of hair. I imagine what it’s like to brush it, wash it and how it feels when it’s long and thick. I see myself happy, lighthearted & healthy with the hair of my dreams.

  • I love to use others for inspiration Not comparison 🙏🏻

  • Stop looking at the lack of hair, don’t obsess over it.Keeping your attention on what you don’t have will only lower your energy.

  • Focus on what you love about yourself, other physical aspects such as the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes, or your beautiful smile, etc.

my hair now vs then ⬇


The most important part of the philosophy of maintaining healthy hair, would sound as if it was contradictory. It was learning to “let my hair go”. Releasing the idea that my hair was thing that I needed to feel beautiful. I share more information about this in my youtube video which reveals my hair before and after- combining specific foods, including supplements, while I was re-growing my hair.

Words are extremely powerful and have an impact on those around us as much as they impact ourselves. Below are affirmations I used and continue to use today. A suggestion would be to write them down on a post it, placing them on a mirror, and verbalize out loud while brushing your hair. This method is especially helpful when I feel self critical, etc.

I regularly practiced these positive steps while healing my hair and maintain them today. I know this may seem “out there” for some people and if this isn’t a concept you can embrace I would say, the benefits probably will not manifest for you. Speaking from my own experience this philosophy has helped and I hope they can help you too.


  • My natural hair is beautiful and deserves love. I do not compare my hair to others.

  • The health of my hair starts on the inside, today I am choosing to support my body with nourishment, peace and self love.

  • My cells are healthy and my hair grows in abundance.

  • I am thankful for my natural hair and I am being supported today.

  • My hair is growing fast and abundant.

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Here is the link to my hair loss video:


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